2013 RECAP


Often times people only have the opportunity to witness the business side of our company, but there is a whole other world of volunteering and donations to Golden Nest ®. Since 2011, Golden Nest® has been working together with World Harvest and has had the ability to reach out to thousands of people in Indonesia, Africa, Somalia and Nepal.


A birthday party for a 2-year old boy of Golden Nest owner was dedicated to Kampung Sawah, a very poor suburban slum community on the outskirts of Jakarta, Indonesia . Instead of bringing gifts for the boy, the parents encourage the 200 guests that attended the party to write a check to help children in Kampung Sawah.

Nearly $15,000 was raised.


Kampung Sawah community is located in the midle of huge garbage dump area. It has high risk of public diseases such as typhoid, cholera, worm, and diarrhea.

The entire community is founded on a giant landImagefill, and the residents of the town spend their days sorting trash for less than 2$ a day. Though this should by all means be a hopeless place, Golden Nest in partnership with World Harvest is making a difference in the community by extending education sponsorships to the children of Kampung Sawah.

With an education, these children now have hope and an opportunity to break out of the shackles of poverty.



The power to create change stems from people working together. Our team was able to deliver close to 44,000 pounds of food including a nutritional mix, maize, and beans. In addition, we also hosted a medical camp to help treat illnesses and distributed various aid. The total reach of this trip was close to 7,000 people in less than two weeks.  We can make a difference!




Golden Nest® provided over 400 families with medical care and food. Our team ventured through the danger of war to various cities to distribute a total of 15 tons of food, and administer 135 prescriptions, and 65 vaccinations, one child was even transported to a nearby hospital for kidney failure treatment.

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Golden Nest® team took a trip to Nepal and was able to provide dental and medical services for 320 adults and over 120 children. In addition, we donated over $1,000 in bedding materials, clothes, and furniture to an orphanage in Nepal. Golden Nest® also saw the need of transportation for Nepali people in order to fulfill the basic necessity of health and food, by sponsoring a medical bus to Nepali people. In result, medical care will be more readily available for Nepal residents, and will improve their way of life.



Golden Nest® was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to touch so many lives. We are currently planning more outreach programs in order to help and support more people who are less fortunate – When you purchase Golden Nest® products, a portion os the proceeds go towards our outreach programs. You are playing a significant role in helping others in need. Together we can make a difference – THANK YOU for your suppot!





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