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Super Typhoon Haiyan, the largest tropical cyclone ever recorded, struck the central Philippines on Thursday evening, November 7, (U.S. time) impacting the lives of over 25 million people. The Category 5 super storm harbored winds exceeding 200 mph along with torrential rain, causing massive destruction and loss of life. Golden Nest in partnership with World Harvest maximize their efforts to save human life, below is the report of the team who went there to distribute foods and medical support.

The route were taken is from GenSan- Cebu-Sogod-Tacloban-Ormoc-Cebu. We just arrived here in Cebu and just able to send this email to you.  We purchased goods in Sogod, the municipality six hours from Tacloban, considering that the place has enough food supply than the nearby town and municipalities near Tacloban. We hired vehicle (truck) from Sogod and started our journey to Tacloban.

The team was able to assess the place and we realized that the damage of typhoon Haiyan was very vast. Almost all of the municipalities were affected. Take for an example, the municipalities of Mayorga, Dulag, Talosa…their town were totally damaged from typhoon…children and some adults were begging and asking for food awaiting beside the road. As we saw them, we were moved with compassion, and we throw same goods on them while the truck was still moving, the team would not stop because if we did, they might loot us, chances are, we might not reach our destination.


We arrived there at Tacloban proper at evening December 03. We started releasing goods at 8 am with the help of LGU, especially the Barangay chairwoman Evelyn Magalona. There are about 700 families affected by the typhoon who were recipients by the Sponsors through us. At Living Water Foursquare Gospel Church, we are able to released goods for 450 families… We are not also releasing goods just for Tacloban only but we are able to extend our help to Samar and in Ormoc.

Tacloban is a vast city amounting to 100 plus barangays. Image

Here is the breakdown of families that were recipients of our relief goods:

Cong. Artemio Mate Avenue Tacloban City = 450 families

Sta. Rita Maramot, Samar = 25 families

Alimasag San Jose, Tacloban = 20 families

Diversion Road BLISS Sagkahan, Tacloban City = 100 families

Cristina Heights Subdivision = 100 families

Alta Vista Ormoc City = 10 families


The city proper was in chaos, mountains of garbage was piling on the road, there is inflation of prices, foul odor/bad smell was and is very prominent in the area because some bodies were not retrieved and were rotten.


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