On July 8th, 20 People from Los Angeles plus 10 Nepali volunteers with 2 doctors and 3 medical staffs went to Nala village to organize a one-day dental service. Nala is a village development committee in Kavrepalanchok District in the Bagmati Zone of central Nepal, with a population of 6327 in 1035 individual households. This service was made possible with the help of Golden Nest, Inc together with Summer Mission team of International Full Gospel Fellowship (  The clinic was started 10 AM in the morning till 7 PM at the evening, where 320 adults and 121 school children benefited from different kinds of dental help.

On July 15th, another dental service was organized in Kathmandu, where 160 people directly benefited. Kathmandu is the capital and, with more than one million inhabitants, the largest metropolitan city of Nepal. The city is the urban core of the Kathmandu Valley in the Himalayas. Four types of dental services were offered, including: scaling, extraction, filling and general dental treatment. They also received a package of Colgate toothpaste and tooth brush after the treatment. But what’s more important is that, all of them had an opportunity to encounter the love and care of the team.

That day, some of the team also went to visit orphanage to distribute the gifts to the orphans and underprivileged adults.

Golden Nest, Inc supported by donating $1,000 worth of all the materials and supplies needed in that orphanage such as:

Slippers and shoes

Cupboards made by reed

Sets of shirt and pants

Set of ladies clothes

Set of pillows and bed covers.

After getting those gifts the children were so happy that they have clothes, shoes, materials that they need for sleep etc.!

Prabin Nepal (grade 3)

“I am so happy with the beautiful gift. I have new clothes to wear while going to school. Thank you so much for the gifts. I always pray for them who provided us a great blessing, to the brothers and sisters of Golden Nest organization. We love you and thank you for loving us.”

Erza Chaudhari (grade 2)

“Yes, we are happy to receive the gifts from 2 lovely sisters Carisha and Sharilyn. They are so lovely and they spent times with us. I will always remember them and I hope that we can meet again. Thank you for loving and caring for us.”

“I want to thank to Golden nest organization for their help and financial support in 2 dental clinics and for helping the orphans in our orphanage. The impact was really great. Due to those dental services most of the people in the village had chance to receive a healthy treatment for their teeth and the gifts for the orphans truly have blessed them so much. We love you and always keep praying for you,” says Philip Fisherman, one of the local committees in Nepal.


Yes, we’re privileged to be part of what they called: Winter Mission. Working hand-in-hand with World Harvest Organization ( , Golden Nest, Inc sponsored eleven brave people to travel to places in Africa, such as Adjumani in Northern Uganda, Nimule and Juba in South Sudan, Wajir in Northeastern Kenya and Somalia from January 3rd to January 14th, 2012.

The team traveled to spread love and hope and help the people in need. This trip was quite challenging and lifethreatening, Here is the short account of trip…

The Team began their first day in Adjumani, northern Uganda by learning a shocking news. ”There had just been a hand grenade attack somewhere in Wajir, and 5 people had been killed or injured.” said by one of the local people.  Posed by this news, each team member had to make a decision whether or not to go to Wajir. Despite the alarming news and difficulties, everyone was aware of the task at hand: Must Continue. After two consecutive days of doing community service in Adjumani, the Team departed to Nimule in the world’s newest nation of South Sudan. They were warmly welcomed by more than 200 South Sudanese people, and government officials who had come for the Festival they will hold.

The Team also visited the young children hospital that housed around 50 children. Malaria was the common illness in South Sudan.

The team’s next destination was Juba, South Sudan’s capital. After Juba, the team travelled to Wajir, a border town in northeastern Kenya to bring food supplies to the starving Somali tribesmen and refugees. Wajir is a small town used as a Kenyan military base. It has seen many terrorist attacks and kidnappings committed by Al-Shabab, a militant Islamist group. The general population in Wajir are sympathizers of Al-Shabab.

The temperature when the team arrived was incredibly hot, about 105F! Before last December, Wajir had not seen any rainfall in the last 3 years.

The next morning, the Team went to a local Somali village and broke into pairs to help distribute food supplies – rice, beans, wheat flour – to about 400 families or 2000 people. Tribal chiefs or elders were present to ensure fair and equal amount of distribution. Some quarrels broke out among the people since they had been starving for months and waiting for foods.

Later in the afternoon, the team went to Lafaley village to help at a local clinic to dispense medicine. The word Lafaley, “a place of bones” in Somalis, portrays the dryness of the arid land. Medicines such as antibiotics, multivitamins, & anti-diarrhea drugs are in short supply and come approximately every two months, either from the government or from other foreign NGO’s. About 135 prescriptions were written and filled, and 65 injections were given that day. The other group of the Team went to visit an elementary school, reaching about 60 kids, where two of the Team’s hosts, Metrine and her husband, Kennedy were teacher missionaries. These kids are often asked by their families to make two-hour round trip trips to the nearest well to get water – which takes away their time to be in class. Before the Team left the village for the day, it was notable that a lone refugee made a special trip to thank the Team for the aid they had given. The thank you was refreshing to hear because earlier, it had mentioned that the refugees tend to have a victim mentality and don’t really appreciate what they get.

On the second and last day in Wajir, the Team again distributed food supplies to more than 800 families (3,000 people from five villages). People had already lined up from 7am, waiting for hours before the food was made available. Partly because of this and the mixing of different villages, the villagers got out of hand at one point and began to storm the single gate entrance, nearly trampling one of the team’s members.  In the end, the team was so grateful for the opportunity to distribute more than 15 tons of food supplies to the Somali villagers!

Below is the report of the relief distributed:

Medical Relief:

400 people were treated in Lavaley Village.

One child was sent to Nairobi, Kenya for kidney failure treatment

Food Relief:

1,900 households in six villages in Wajir, Kenya, near the border with Somalia.

Lavaley Village: 80 bags of rice, 50 bags of beans, and 700 liters of cooking oil. These food were feeding 700 households.

Four villages surrounding Wajir Success Academy: 1,000 households with about 200 bags of rice, 100 bags of beans, and 1,000 liters of cooking oil.

Wajir Success Academy: 20 bags of rice.

Total food relief package:

1.      300 bags of rice @ 50 kg/bag = 15,000 kg of rice

2.      150 bags of beans @ 50 kg/bag = 7,500 kg of beans

3.      1,900 liters of cooking oil

Signifi[count] Others

You’re never too young to raise awareness about giving to children, especially those who need the most help, like the children in Somalia who suffer from the 2011 disaster.

A one-year old boy celebrated his birthday in a totally different way than how most babies do. His parents hosted the birthday party as a charity night with one purpose in mind: to raise funds for malnourished children in Somalia. The party was held in the front yard of their house with lots of entertainments for the kids: jumper, reptile show, hot dog stand, merry-go-round, cotton candy cart.. and of course delicious foods for the adults. It was performed in a casual fine dining atmosphere with full music entertainment.

It was a very inspiring when his parents shared their hearts for the unfortunate children, and how they wanted to open a path for him to be a generous giver, to have compassionate heart, and to count others in all of the blessings he’ll have in life.

Instead of bringing gifts for the birthday boy, they kindly asked the guests to bring monetary gift that will be given directly to the kids in Somalia through World Harvest (, a humanitarian organization that has been helping people in Somalia. That night, Golden Nest, Inc also launched “Healthee’Nut F 100  THERAPEUTIC Milk”. It’s a peanut based spread that is packaged into single serve packets suitable for use by children aged 6 to 24 months. Healthee’Nut contains a blend of iron, iodine, sodium, vitamin A, C, D, E, K, the B-complex vitamins, folate, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, zinc, and other ingredients in lesser dosage. Each packet contains 500 calories. It’s intended for severely malnourished patients, in a ready to eat format. We all got to taste the Healtee Nut F100!

There were about 200 people attended the party and almost $20,000 raised

As a token of appreciation, The host of the party gave each kids a pair of TOM SHOES ( to help the kids in Africa. What a great way to celebrate the first birthday!

By the way, have I told you that the host of the party is the owner of Golden Nest, Inc (